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Heart Is Broken

2009-04-19 00:15:20 by Red-Alien

U heard it my heart's broken

i'm dating Apashie

2009-02-21 20:19:19 by Red-Alien

I thought he was cute, so i'll go out with him!


2009-02-07 20:00:35 by Red-Alien

Hey Red-Alien here, just say hi I might create a flash movie dedicated to my Happylemon <3!!And OMG soo pround of you Andrew, U got a gig for a DJ, I wish I could come see you =*(
but anyways seeya l8r!!

Hey everybody!

2009-01-08 23:21:05 by Red-Alien

Im still dating happylemon, my jew boyfrend hates me i hate him always hav always will, and I nevr used u Andrew, nevr hav and nvr will WERE STILL DATING YAY!!!!


2009-01-03 19:54:45 by Red-Alien

I currently broke up with happylemon and now dating my jew boyfriend shawn.If you hate jews, thanx alot, my new BFs a
PS:Me and happylemon hav been dating for 5 months and now ended

Happy holidays!

2008-12-24 15:21:19 by Red-Alien

Thanx so much happylemon for adding me in with the sound, on Madness:Bloody Bullets!Love ya Happylemon!